10 seriously weird places where my cat sleeps

My family Cat “Matilda” is a female european kitten of 5 months.
Matilda is a really cute, frisky, smart, lovable and beautiful kitty. But she is also very crazy. She is full of creativity when she looks for her sleeping place!

Catch a glimpse to these pictures and find out for yourself!

1.Inside the helmet. She likes sleeping there or just enjoying life from a different perspective.

2. She has a rest in the sink in order to escape from the summer heat.

3. She also tried the washing machine experience. Fortunately, it wasn’t working!

4. She likes staying in the basin when it’s hot.

5. She has a passion for the orchard. She likes feeling the ground in the vase…
Just try to image what happens when she comes indoor.

6. A nap in the bag. Maybe less unusual for a cat, but she is so cute!

7. Probably her favourite place: the bidet!

8. Matilda would like to travel, but for the moment she is happy with sleeping in the luggage.

9.  Cats usually go under the bed…. but Matilda goes INSIDE the bed!

10. She goes INSIDE the bed,  doesn’t matter if the bed has drawers…

We love Matilda and her special creativity … <3


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