When travel becomes your job

My Dublin group leader’s experience

I am back from Dublin where I spent 2 weeks as a group leader for summer study holidays.

My job consisted of taking after a small group of 15 teenagers from 15 to 18 years old  during the whole day. I had to be sure that they attended their lessons regularly and they had everything they needed.  Every day we had something to do and every day’s hour was perfectly scheduled.

It was tiring, but it was a really nice experience.
I had the chance to put together my passions, my love for traveling and my interest in human relationship especially with children and teenagers.

Of course, it is not a holiday. You can’t do what you want and in many cases you would be unsatisfied with visiting a museum you are not interested in, instead of places you really would like to explore.

Though it is not a holiday, neither it is a common job.
Anyway, it is a good alternative to most ordinary jobs since it helps you to combine travel and work.

If you have free time during summer and you like traveling maybe this kind of experience will fit your expectations.


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